Barefoot or Socks? 4 Surprising Reasons to Go Sockless in Your Slippers

Nuknuuk slipper owners have something in common - a love of comfort and cozy feet. But how do you like to wear your slippers? Barefoot or over your socks? The benefits of going sockless might surprise you!

4 Surprising Reasons to Go Sockless in Your Nůknuůk Slippers

Natural Sheepskin Insulation

If you’ve opted for Nuknuuks that have sheepskin insoles (and most of our styles do), you’ve probably noticed how warm yet comfortably dry they keep your feet. That’s thanks to sheepskin’s natural insulating properties, which help it wick away moisture. Unlike synthetic materials, sheepskin is also a breathable fibre, allowing for better air circulation.

The Perfect Temperature… In Any Weather

Another natural benefit of sheepskin is that it’s a thermostatic material - that means that it helps keep your feet at a comfortable body temperature in either cold or hot weather.  And while sheepskin isn't what we typically think of as a summer fabric, try them barefoot on a warm day for a surprisingly cool fit. In cold weather, put your slippers to the test with a sock on one foot but not the other (preferably in the privacy of your own home!)... After a minute or two, chances are the sockless foot will actually feel warmer. Worried about cold heels and ankles? Opt for our Classic women’s slipper, our warmest slipper of all.  

A Custom Fit

When you first try on a new pair of Nuknuuks, they’ll often feel snug, especially if you’ve just replaced a well-loved and worn-in pair.  Next time you break in a new pair of Nuknuuk slippers, try wearing them sockless - it’s the best way to allow the sheepskin to mold to the shape of your foot for a super comfortable, custom fit.

“Like Walking On A Cloud”

Last but not least, we love wearing our slippers sockless because of the way they feel! Quality sheepskin is one of the softest and most comfortable materials on earth, and offers a feeling our customers regularly refer to as “like walking on a cloud.” So go ahead and go barefoot under your Nuknuuks - we think that you'll love how they feel!

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