5 Unique and Extraordinary Mother’s Day Ideas

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Even though every day should obviously be Mother’s Day (😁), this year’s designated celebration of motherhood and maternal bonds falls on Sunday, May 13.

Think it’s too commercialized or cliché? Well, it doesn’t always have to be the same old flowers, cards and breakfast routine -- although we do like the fact that you can wear your Nuknuuk slippers for this one.

Mother’s Day Around the World

We could seek inspiration from Mother’s Day customs around the world: In Japan, for example, children draw pictures of their mothers and send their creations away to be judged in an art contest. The best pictures then travel the country in art shows.

In Thailand, Mother’s Day comes with fireworks, parades and concerts because it celebrates the Queen’s birthday, which happens to be in August.

In Mexico, a mother’s and grandmother’s visit is followed up the next day with a special church service and the singing of a popular birthday song.

If that wasn’t inspiration enough, we have compiled a list of 5 ideas that will make the special women in your life wish it was Mother’s Day every day.

1) Go for the experience
Make your mom feel special by planning a special outing just for her. That way, you can enjoy each other’s company and make lasting memories at the same time. Does she like music or art? Take her to the ballet or the museum. You can always check out a pottery cafe together and bond over the creation of a beautiful bowl or cup. Try to be creative and come up with something unexpected. For example, show her the spring flowers on display at the local farmer’s market (and pick up a few goodies along the way) or visit a local farm and spend some time with the animals. In Europe, a new trend is to go on walks with alpacas or goats, which can be quite the experience and should result in some fun stories to share with your friends. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/date-night-a-walk-with-the-goats-tickets-33691102996# 

If the weather is nice, consider going for a nice bike ride or an easy hike and end the activity at a great spot with a picnic or cozy restaurant.

Back home, slip into your Nuknuuks, kick up your feet and reminisce about your favourite moments while comparing photos.

experience flowers mothers day nuknuuk

 2) Get personal

Anyone can go out and buy a gift for Mother’s Day, but the easiest way to upgrade a store-bought gift is to personalize it. If you find something your mother would love, then you can personalize it with a heartfelt inscription. Many items can be engraved, including jewelry, glass, metal, plates, even perfume bottles.

If you have the time, consider making something for Mother’s Day instead. A picture album with your favourite moments together, for example. Or you could decorate a special jar, write little notes about what you like/love/admire about mom and tell her she can read a note each time she needs a little reminder. 

3) Give her the time she needs
For stressed-out moms, the best gift you can give her is some alone time. If she wants to spend the whole day in her Nuknuuk slippers binge-watching her favourite show, that’s the day to let her do it. That might mean taking the children out for the day and taking care of anything that would typically be on her shoulders. 

Alternatively, if mom spends a lot of time alone, plan a big gettogether! What could be more fun than a party for mom? It doesn’t have to be all on you - ask others to contribute in terms of food, drinks and decorations, and voila - a special day is guaranteed. 

Even if you live far away and can’t be there in person, you can always plan a date via Skype or FaceTime. She will feel included and happy to see you.

4) Spoil her
Don’t roll your eyes at the traditional spa or pampering gift idea. There is a reason why it’s so popular: Moms love to be spoiled (and they deserve it, too). You can still increase the excitement factor if you splurge for a special treatment she hasn’t had before, or try out a new location that comes highly recommended. 

If mom doesn’t feel like going out (it happens), you can always turn your home into a spa and pamper mom just the same. Make sure she stays comfortable in her robe and Nuknuuk slippers.

spoil her mothers day nuknuuk


5) Make her life easier
Most moms nowadays take on a lot of different roles, juggling parenting, working, caregiving, household chores, social life, and so much more etc. We are not saying that she can’t handle it or doesn’t have help -- but there are always ways to make her life easier, and she will appreciate it immensely. You know best how to help her out, but here are some ideas:

  • Get her a cleaning service for seasonal tasks such as windows or carpets.
  • Present her with freezable batches of food that can be used throughout a busy week.
  • Offer your baby/pet/house-sitting services so that she can have a ladies’ night out
  • Find her some helpers for a house or gardening project so that she can finally get it done and enjoy it throughout the summer.
  • Tell her to relax in her Nuknuuk slippers while you make her a well-deserved drink.

There are so many ways to make moms happy, it should be easy to fill an entire day.

What are your favorite ways to spoil mom? Let us know in the comments below.

Wishing all you Nuknuuk-loving moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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