10 Fun and Fresh Ideas to Celebrate Spring

The official start of spring may be March 20, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care. Depending on where you live, spring arrives at different times; while some of us are already surrounded by beautiful blossoms (hello, cherry trees in Washington) or sandal-worthy temperatures, others are still counting the days until they can pack away their snow shovels for good. In fact, snowstorms in April are commonplace in many parts of North America. That’s when you really need to wear your soft and cozy Nuknuuk sheepskin slippers!

But no matter how far along spring is near you, you can always celebrate the start of a new season. Here are our favourite rituals to welcome spring:

  1. Greet the sunshine
    nuknuuk spring sunshine

    One of the best ways to get rid of winter blahs is to venture outside when the sun’s out, lift up your face and bask in the slightly stronger rays. Most of us could use a vitamin D boost after a long winter, and doing this consciously will bring a smile to your face. Did you know that Nuknuuk slippers are made with comfortable indoor/outdoor soles? That means they won’t be harmed by this sun-greeting ritual.

  2. Pack away winter clothes
    Putting away the winter gear is one of our favourite spring rituals. Say “au revoir” to woollen hats, mittens and heavy socks - but please, keep on your slippers! The floors may still be chilly, and your sheepskin-lined Nuknuuk slippers will keep your feet nice and warm (all year round).

  3. Jumpstart your spring cleaning
    nuknuuk mighty leaf teaThe secret to stress-free spring cleaning is to do a little bit at a time. So slide into your Nuknuuk slippers, grab a pen and paper and divvy up that long spring cleaning list into manageable tasks. It could be the laundry room one day, then dusting the ceilings and moldings another day, etc. When you are done with the task, make yourself a well-deserved organic Spring Jasmine green tea (or the kind you prefer, check out Mighty Leaf’s collections), kick up your Nuknuuk-covered feet and enjoy crossing off the item on your list.

  4. Mindfully appreciate the first buds
    Spring is about nature awakening, spring flowers blooming and all those buds appearing on trees, bushes and other plants. Celebrate spring by taking a closer look at those buds and appreciating nature’s ability to recover from winter. It’s the little things that count.

  5. Schedule some pampering time
    nuknuuk pampering

    Even if you have a great skin care routine, show your skin some extra love around springtime. The body’s largest organ often suffers from the dry heated air and low humidity during the winter months, leaving it dry and scaly. The answer is to moisturize, make time for an all-over body scrub, a facial steam and a gentle mask. Then slip on your robe and comfy Nuknuuk slippers, grab a magazine on the sofa and let it all soak in.

  6. Tap your trees
    If you have maple trees or black walnut trees in your yard, consider tapping them during those days when it’s above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. That is when the sap is flowing freely. Even birch trees could work! You can collect the sap and boil it down to make your own syrup. But watch out: It takes at least 40 parts of sap to make one part of syrup… and that’s a lot of time and humidity. It might be a better idea to simply appreciate the maple syrup with breakfast in your Nuknuuk slippers. Your call.

  7. Display some fresh flowers
    Nothing says spring more than the sight of bright red tulips, yellow daffodils, blue hyacinth or any other typical spring flower in your home. It will add color and a fresh scent to your space and you can enjoy them while wearing your Nuknuuk slippers. Hint: If you buy the flowers in a pot, then you can plant them in your garden afterwards and watch them come back next year.

  8. Get your feet sandal-ready
    If you spent most of winter in your warm sheepskin-lined Nuknuuk slippers, your feet shouldn’t be in bad shape, but a little extra care in the springtime never hurts. Start with a relaxing foot bath and throw in some Epsom salts and fresh herbs to boost circulation, then follow up with a gentle exfoliation and soothing foot cream. Once your feet feel nice and soft, brighten up your toenails with a fun nail polish and your feet are ready! You can show them off in Nuknuuk’s Zaza flip flops, while staying warm at the same time. They will be available online in all sizes and colors in the next few days!

  9. Plan your garden
    nuknuuk garden

    For many people, summertime means gardening time. That’s why making a plan to know which flowers, vegetables or plants to grow this year is a perfect spring ritual. Challenge yourself to grow something that was previously out of your comfort zone. And you can even do this if you don’t have a backyard -- container gardening is a trend that is here to stay, with the added bonus that you can water your plants in your Nuknuuk slippers!

  10. Start a new workout regime
    Say hello to spring by getting more active. Consider signing up for a run or other fitness event in the fall - it gives you ample time to start training slowly and safely. After your workout and shower, make sure you put on your sheepskin slippers and relax with an extra tall glass of water to stay hydrated.

Wishing all Nuknuuk-loving folks a happy, sun-kissed springtime!

Let us know if you have a spring ritual that should be on this list.

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