9 DIY Date Ideas to Make Your Date Swoon this Valentine’s Day

nuknuuk slippers valentines day

Fun and romance is what Valentine’s Day should be about -- not the pressure to plan the perfect date with flowers, chocolates and fine dining. All that commercialism can leave passion and excitement in the dust. We say, enough: It’s time to kick back your Nůknuůk slippered feet and reclaim the fun and romance of Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be easier than you think with our list of charming date ideas.

  1. Don’t overthink it.
    Your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be perfect - but it should come from the heart. Try to tailor your date ideas to your relationship. Only you know if your partner would prefer a fun adventure or a home-based activity. If in doubt, simple and creative always wins over commercial and predictable. For example, present your date with a gift of natural sheepskin slippers, a bathrobe and a scented candle. That’s magic in a bag right there.

  2. Keep it Nůknuůk-cozy.
    Make your date comfortable with a pair of warm Nůknuůk slippers, a blanket and a glass of bubbly, while you plate a tasty dinner (take-out is fine if you want to forego the stress of a home-cooked meal). Make it extra special by choosing a different spot to eat - a picnic in front of the fireplace, for example, or sushi on the sofa. Atmosphere is important, so light a few candles, turn on some music and give your partner your full attention.

  3. Prepare a surprise date box.
    Write down a few romantic gestures or activities (back rub, foot soak, poetry reading, manicure, board game, etc) and throw them into a decorative box. Then take turns choosing an activity. Depending on your relationship, these might become hilarious or romantic. A good dose of either is a success in our Valentine’s Day books.

  4. Take it outside.
    Yes, it’s winter, but you’d be surprised how much fun you can have outside. Hold on to each other on the skating rink, discover new terrain on snowshoes, or just go for a nice walk while holding hands. When you come back inside, put on your favourite Nůknuůk  slippers, warm up with hot cocoa and enjoy the romantic vibe. The natural sheepskin in the slippers provides a comfortable warmth without your feet getting clammy - perfect for those romantic closeups.

  5. Make it a family affair.
    Who says Valentine’s Day has to be couples only? If you have children or close family members you want to include, you should do just that. It could be a special outing, a family movie or game night. Including others is always fun - and digging into that box of chocolates as a group is so much better for your waistline.

  6. Volunteer with some friends.
    Find a local shelter, soup kitchen or other humanitarian cause to volunteer this Valentine’s Day. Help is always appreciated, and it’s a great way to learn more about yourself and your date in the process.

  7. Spoil your date.
    Little gestures go a long way when you are trying to woo your date. This is your chance to spoil your partner. Has she complained about sore feet? Prepare an invigorating foot bath and offer a relaxing foot massage, then put up her feet in her Nůknuůk slippers, while she reads a new magazine. Is he very stressed out at work? Treat him to his favourite snacks, a funny movie and a selection of local beers. The options are endless.

    nuknuuk valentines day special someone

  8. Raid your fridge for DIY spa treatments.
    You don’t have to book a spa for Valentine’s Day. Instead, choose a few “recipes” to try out at home. You could be mixing up a DIY oatmeal mask, an avocado honey hair mask and a citrus sugar body scrub in no time. What’s not to love? Don’t forget a soothing soundtrack, candles, bathrobes and sheepskin slippers to complete the spa experience.

  9. Try something new.
    If you would rather plan a date for Valentine’s Day, rev up the excitement factor by choosing a new activity. Treat your date to couples yoga, for example. Find a new gallery, brewery or museum to explore. If you are usually very active, plan a comfy evening at home instead. Your date will thank you for it.

Wishing you all a very fun and romantic Valentine’s Day this year!


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