5 Reasons Moms Are the Absolute Best

Moms are one of the greatest things on the planet. Seriously, think about it. From the minute you were born, there’s been one person and one person only who was completely and totally invested in your happiness...your mother.

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A mom’s unconditional love for her child is truly unparalleled.

Here are 5 reasons why moms are the absolute best.

  1. She made sure you wore a jacket.

Always. Even when you didn’t want to. Even when your friends weren’t wearing one and your outfit looked way cooler without it. Mom made you take that jacket with you, and boy were you ever glad that she did. There’s really no way to look cool shivering in a T-shirt mid November! Thanks, mom.

  1. She’s your #1 fan.

She really, really, really wants to see you succeed. Partly so that she can brag to her friends about you, but mostly because she genuinely sees you for the rockstar that you are. She takes pride in your accomplishments and has been your own personal cheerleader since day 1.

  1. She doesn’t judge.

And thank goodness she doesn’t. You call her for things you’re almost too embarrassed to Google. How long to cook chicken, how to get a stain out of suede, how to get rid of a surprise pimple before a date - she’s your first call. She may laugh. She’ll probably laugh, but she really doesn’t judge. She has your back - unconditionally. Even when you’re wrong. Even when you got yourself into trouble. Even when you didn’t listen to her and even when she is mad at you. Your mom has your back. She’ll call that teacher if she must. She’s kind of like a built-in ally for life.

  1. She cares about parts of your day no one else does.

Seriously. She cares about what you had for lunch, what you bought on sale at the pharmacy, how the drive home from work was. Can you think of one other person who genuinely worries about the comfiness of your mattress and whether or not your feet are warm?

  1. She is your best friend.

In the truest sense of the word. The very definition of the “best friend” is someone who challenges you, supports you, gives you confidence and genuinely loves you for the person you are. Have you ever heard anything more...mom-ish?

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She was your first friend when you were young and she is your best friend now. How cool is that?

Show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day by spoiling her with a pair of Nuknuuk sheepskin slippers. She deserves it.


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