What Your Slipper Color Says About You

Owning a pair of Nuknuuk sheepskin slippers is a statement on its own. It says something about you. It tells people that you are both practical and trendy. Let’s take it one step further, though. Let’s discover what the color of your slipper says about your personality.

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Let’s dive into some slipper psychology.

Blue: You are as calm, cool and collected as they come. You have too much depth to you to bother sweating the small stuff. Drama just doesn’t appeal to you – never has. You’ve always been the friend with whom everyone gets along. Blue is not only the color of your slippers...it’s also the color of the ocean. It symbolizes peace and tranquility, which are two words often used to describe your aura.

Black: You are fearless. Equal parts daring and determined, you inspire those around you to reach for what they want. You’re too strong to spend more than a minute feeling sorry for yourself. You can come off as intimidating, but those close to you recognize your soft heart. Like your slippers, you have a classic timelessness to you that will never go out of style.

Harvest (tan): A reliable and trustworthy friend, you’re often the pillar that holds just about everything up.  You have a good head on your shoulders and you see no need for extravagance. You’ve always found beauty in simplicity...as shown in your classic harvest Nuknuuks! Perhaps that trait is what drove you to Nuknuuk in the first place. Anytime quality meets value, you’re there!

Brown: loyal and modest are two words commonly used to describe you. People are often quick to open up to you, perhaps because you emit a very relaxed energy. Content with simplicity, you are more than comfortable in your skin. You usually like things as they are and can do without the complications that come with change. You crave stability and comfort, so it makes sense that you were drawn to your Nuknuuks!

Aubergine: You are a remarkable judge of character. Your friends have always described you as the compassionate, observant one. Born a free spirit, there is a very artsy side to you. Often searching for deeper meanings, you are interested in spirituality and are tempted by the idea of dropping everything to travel. Your spunk and uniqueness make you irresistibly magnetic - all kinds of people are drawn to you.

As you can likely imagine...these are total generalizations!

While all of the above is based on the psychology of color, there is currently no scientific evidence proving your slippers to be any type of real window into your soul.

The only thing we know for sure is this: if you own Nuknuuks...you’ve got some good taste!

Nuknuuk owners: do you guys agree or disagree with how we described you? Let us know in the comments!

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